Sang is a small community located approximately 70 km east of Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana. Its population is about ten-thousand people of which many are under 25 years. The literacy rate is low in Sang and many of the adults in the village are unable to read or write proficiently because they did not have access to proper education. Residents are primarily subsistence farmers who often earn something on the side by selling some of there goods. More than 75% of the people in Sang live below the poverty line, as defined by the United Nations, by subsisting on less than $2 (USD) per day. The architecture of the village is mostly characterized by an architecture of necessity. The village is dotted with mud houses, built in ways that speak of a relative economic poverty. Spaces are smalland the materials used are basic. Most activities, from cooking to socializing, take place outside in the shade of a tree or veranda.

With the help of numerous international partners, the NKA Foundation has developed a plan for  a vocational school in Sang. A vocational school focuses on the training of practical skills such as carpentry, welding or masonry.  The NKA has bought a piece of land in the village of Sang were we and other international teams are invited to build our designs. The NKA is coordinating the planning process and the development of the school which is supposed to start its operations in 2018, shortly after the first buildings have been completed.