Week 9!

Hello dear followers. Update number 9.

Because we have the feeling we are repeating the same lines over and over, we will try to keep it short this time and therefore add some more images as they speak for themselves (most of them anyway…).

We will also stop making predictions about when something will be finished because planning is pointless here!. The roof is thus still not finished… Our welder had/has problems with his eyes so he was not able to work for several days. Luckily on Saturday he was able to do some work so we have at least some additional trusses installed now. Then next week the roof should… Okay lets stop here…

Well the non-load bearing walls (without cement added) are looking great. The reddish-color is because they are still relatively wet and we expect them to approach the color of the other wall-parts after some time. But we hope a contrast remains because it looks quite nice like this. We also had our local electrician with us this week, Mr America. He has already installed some of the socket-holders and cables which are installed inside our rammed earth walls. This looks pretty need we believe. We have been doing many other things as well such as finishing the foundations for the outline of the building (incl. the small protective  base wall ) , we started working on the floors – adding earth and compressing it – and we have finished the concrete slabs at the kitchen-module, so it was a very productive week again. The to-list is getting smaller but it is still enormous!

Well, this week we had another two ‘good-byes’ ,Leonard and Fabian who left us on Friday. Thanks for your help gentleman! Today Muriel has arrived so we will start the week with 5 team-members but more will follow during the week to help us.

Okay stay tuned everyone and wish us luck for the coming weeks!

The MUDcafeteria team

Workshop Journal 9

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