Hello everyone! Sorry that we have kept you all waiting for so long but the last days in Sang were quite intense and we haven’t got around preparing the final report. We are back home for a little more than a week now and we are already busy at the office again!

Since our last journal soo many things have happened that it is difficult to remember where to begin.

One could get the idea that in the final week we were more productive than ever before as we completed so many things. Besides finishing the poured-earth floors we completed the hand-wash basin, the rain-gutters, the sun-shades, the cooking platform, the ceiling-mats, we did some landscaping and finished the plastering of the back walls. The carpenter installed all the doors and windows and the benches along the outside walls and the electrician finished his outstanding tasks.


So after 12 weeks of very hard work and numerous challenges we have managed to complete the cafeteria on time which we believe is quite an achievement! Taking everything into consideration we are very proud with how it has turned out and we want to thank everybody who has made this possible.

In the first place we want to thank all our volunteers who have sacrificed their time and money to help us out for some weeks. We couldn’t have done it without you and we hope you are also happy to have taken part in our workshop.

The second big thank you goes to our local team who have provided all the muscle-power in order to realise the building without heavy machines. Also their positive attitude and knowledge about local techniques has helped us a lot. We already miss the good-times we have shared over the course of the 12 weeks.

And then of course we want to thank all our sponsors who have made this project possible in the first place. We are happy that we have been able to build the cafeteria as planned and that all our sponsors can see where their contribution has went to.

Below we have made a small selection of pictures but we will add many more in the coming weeks as we plan to overhaul our website.

So this was our last bulletin. The workshop MUDcafeteria has officially finished but we will use the coming period to properly document the project. We hope to work on similar projects in the future but we need to see if we can create the proper framework to facilitate such undertakings.

So we will say good bye for now and keep an eye on our website as we add more photos soon.

The MUD-cafeteria team






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