Week 7!

Hello dear followers.

Time for another update. It has been a busy week again as usual. Despite the fact that we both got a visit again from uninvited germs in the beginning of the week, which is becoming quite frustrating and not good for our spirit, the week turned out quite alright. We have put the first trusses on the roof which was a very exiting moment. The outlines of the building suddenly have become more clear and it is now starting to look like as we have imagined it. So this was definitely a great boost for our morale at the end of the week. So taking into account the illnesses, the rain on Tuesday and the fact we did not work on Friday because of an excursion to the north, the progress was not so bad after all.

We have started with the outlines of the surrounding veranda which will define the boundaries of our earth floors that we hope to make as soon as we put on the roofing sheets. We furthermore have continued with the load-bearing wall-parts of the kitchen-module which we hope to finish the coming week.

As mentioned in the last post, we had Prof. Andrea Rieger Jandl with us for most of the week and we really want to thank her for haven taken the time and effort to visit us here in Sang, we really appreciate this. On Friday we went with all on an excursion to Bolgatanga to visit traditional compounds. Bolgatanga is a bigger town near the border with Burkina Faso and in this region one can still find traditional painted compounds. On Saturday we got a tour in the village of Sirigu and visited some of the local houses. It was interesting to see how the people live there and we got a nice insight into some local traditions.

The trip was also a sort of good-bye trip as we have parted on Sunday from our longest-staying volunteers Connor and Nina! We will miss you around but hope to see you again soon in Vienna or Ireland!. Unfortunately we also had to say good bye to Georg, Michael and Beatrice – thanks for being with us! – so our group suddenly became quite small. Luckily our new volunteers Leonard and Fabian arrived on Sunday so we have some fresh new recruits for the coming week.

The days at the construction site are getting longer and longer as the end is getting nearer. Only five weeks left and still sooo much to do! We are optimistic that we are going to finish it but it is quite the challenge! Okay, stay tuned everybody and till next time!

The MUDcafeteria team


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